Thursday, January 1, 2015

Exploring photography using an iPhone 6

For the last 2 years, I have chosen a specific interest to study in more depth.
The first year, I chose cryptic crosswords as it had always annoyed the hell out of me that I had trouble with them. I spent the year doing the cryptics in The Age newspaper and by the end of it felt I certainly had a far better grasp of them. I ended up developing an app for the iPad, which I used every day to work out anagrams. It is a digital version of the traditional manual paper and pen method of working out an anagram.
Last year, I decided to explore chess in more depth having dabbled over many years. I read heaps of books and ended up playing online against both my eldest sons which was a bonus in itself and I was able to apply the new knowledge and skills I had learnt on a regular basis.
This year I decided that it was time I explored the world of photography in depth. Rather than just using automatic on the camera learning about how shutter speed, iso and aperture effect an image.
Usefully, my partner Michelle is doing a unit of photography this year and her college give each student $500 towards a DSLR camera so she now has an Canon 700D in her possession.
However, I have decided that it might be easier and more interesting to use an iPhone 6 now that Apple has given us control over the shutter speed, aperture and iso using third party apps.
There are various ones available and I have chosen VSCO Cam to start off with.
I will also be buying some lenses and a tripod.
My aim is to post a picture every day on the Facebook page I have set up and to blog in more detail here about how it is all going.